New Patient Appointments

What to Expect From Your New Patient Appointment

During your first visit, Dr. Galitzer will help you balance hormone levels within your body to optimize your health. Your first visit will last about 2 hours and will include a health and hormonal assessment and the creation of a personalized treatment plan. The first place we start is with the Health and Hormonal Assessment, which includes a combination of diagnostic evaluations and treatments. During this assessment, a holistic view of your physical and emotional health will be taken into consideration, Including the following tests:

Bio-Energetic Testing and Treatment for Regeneration

The combination of modern technology with the ancient practice of acupuncture allows us to determine which nutritional supplements are right for each individual. The machine determines which illnesses we are susceptible to by measuring the energetic frequencies of our meridians; because viruses and bacteria operate on their own unique frequencies, how they interact with the frequencies of the individual allow the practitioner to pinpoint which nutritional supplements will counteract the frequencies causing our illness to create a balance within the body.

Bio-Impedance Testing and Treatment for Regeneration

Measures body fat, intra-cellular water and cell-membrane health by measuring your impedance index which measures your ability to respond to treatment. It also measures the amount of water in your body, and the percentage inside and outside of the cell. The more water in the cell, the healthier you are. It also measures the amount of body fat. Finally, it measures how quickly you are creating new cells in your body.

Heart Rate Variability Test

The Heart Rate Variability test is an effective, completely non-invasive way to measure your cardiovascular and overall physical condition. This provides valuable information about the health of your autonomic nervous system and adrenal glands.

Metabolic Typing

Your nutritional status will be evaluated, with nutritional recommendations from our certified clinical staff. This includes an assessment of all dietary needs as well as vitamins and supplements.

Hormone Analysis

Your hormonal status will be assessed to determine what deficiencies are present and need to be treated to achieve proper hormonal balance. This is conducted through an evaluation of prior lab work, and an evaluation of bio-energetic testing procedures. Under certain circumstances, a lab referral may be necessary for appropriate hormone blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound.

Adrenal Analysis

Your adrenal gland function will be assessed and treatment instituted. You will be evaluated for adrenal exhaustion, which must be resolved to successfully attain hormonal balance.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Following your diagnostic evaluation, Dr. Galitzer will create a personalized treatment plan. Treatment plans are designed according to the status of your current biochemical and BioEnergetic health, and your personal health goals. Your personalized treatment plan will include:

Detoxification and Drainage

A detoxification and drainage program to gently eliminate toxins using herbs, homeopathy, and other modalities.

Personalized Remedies

Set remedies formulated and developed by Dr. Galitzer that are personalized based on your needs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

BioIdentical hormone replacement therapy with individualized prescriptions to be filled by a compounding pharmacist.

What to Bring to Your New Patient Appointment

Please bring the following:

1. New Patient Questionnaire You may download the New Patient Questionnaire in Adobe Acrobat format. You may print a copy to complete offline, or you may complete the form within Adobe Acrobat. Please note that if you use Adobe Acrobat, you will not be able to save your work.

2. Prescription medications, vitamins and supplements that you are currently taking.

3. Copies of prior lab work from the past 2 years.


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