VibraSound® Treatment

VibraSound® is a proprietary technology that enables people to feel music in every cell of their body. It was developed by my friend and pioneering researcher Don Estes. According to Don, music is meant to be seen and felt, as well as heard, and the key to health and happiness is the ability to experience life as much as to analyze it. Too much analysis leaves one short of experience. Experience actualizes in human consciousness as either pleasure or pain. The VibraSound system can help bring about a state of pleasurable experience, what Don has termed sensory resonance. This type of healthy pleasure has applications in just about every field of medicine, psychiatry, stress management, recreation, and entertainment.
Sensory resonance is a state of mind that occurs when one is extremely excited, challenged, or relaxed in a pleasurable experience. It cannot be achieved under conditions of boredom, threat, or pain. VibraSound was designed to help users relax and become inspired at the same time by synchronizing their senses of sight, sound, and vibration with a unique form of music therapy that allows them to simultaneously see, hear, and feel harmonic, health-inducing vibrations. Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time can bolster one’s health by helping to balance the autonomic nervous system.


1) Vibrotactile mattress that sends music as vibration to the body.
2) Visual display that sends music as light pulsations to the eyes.
3) Immersion headphones that send music as sounds to the ears.
4) Sensorium™ LSV, an interface that synchronizes the sound, light, and vibration with the music.

VibraSound is a state of the art neurotechnology that blends almost every aspect of Sensory Resonance. It synchronizes light, sound, color, intent, aroma, breath, and intense vibration with music so beautiful that it can send chills of pleasure up your spine. The internal massage performed by the music leaves your body feeling relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated at the same time. By synchronizing all of the body’s main sensory input channels, it transforms the mind into a state that can result in a Peak Experience. Beyond the benefits already discussed, this Regenerative Innertainment can assist in stress management, creativity, emotional release, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution.

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