Why Use Homeopathy for Health

Why use nutritional supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and foods for regeneration? Why use homeopathy? To answer this, we need to briefly review the biophysics of regeneration.

Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or Chi of a person, is also a unique BioEnergy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ’s frequency represents a disturbance in its BioEnergy, and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally – that is, to regenerate and renew itself.

In order to stimulate regeneration, cells and organs need a specific input of energy of certain waveforms, which correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy coupled with the right message. The ideal regenerative remedy is a booster shot of subtle energy, which imprints the proper energy pattern into the matrix of that organ system, producing a message which ultimately returns that organ system to its natural resonant frequency.

The best way to stimulate this process is through the use of homeopathy. We must remember that concentrations of the key nutrients in the blood and in the intracellular fluid – which are necessary for cellular life to be sustained and renewed- are expressed in millions of moles (infinitesimal quantities).

Homeopathy also deals with micro-concentrations of substances which are necessary for cellular life to be sustained and renewed. Vitamins, minerals, foods, and herbs need to be broken down, and thus require energy for their conversion to micro-nutrients which can be used by the body. For many sick patients, these expenditures of energy for the processes of digestion and conversion to micro-concentrations may further deplete their energy, thus impeding regeneration. Lets begin, therefore, with homeopathic micro-doses and conserve energy.

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