September Issue of C Magazine

ENERGY STARS – Anti-aging innovators are using electricity to battle our body clocks. leading to sharper memory, firmer skin, easier surgical procedures, and reduced fatigue.

….. Simon refers her clients to Dr. Michael Galitzer, a Santa Monica-based anti-aging and bio-energetic medicine specialist. (The two are also collaborating on a new product, ER-3, that imitates the effect of hormone replacement on the skin.)

“People here want to be firing on all cylinders,” says Galitzer, who is Suzanne Somers’ anti-aging guru, and a frequent source for her books on the topic. “It’s just part of the lifestyle in California. Most patients come to me with medical concerns like chronic fatigue, that are difficult to treat with traditional medicine. But about 15% of my patients are people who just want to look their best or feel more youthful.”

While most doctors center on identifying and curing disease, Galitzer’s practice is more focused on the nuances of wellness – what he calls a “functional disturbance,” or that feeling of being off-balance or unwell that is hard to pinpoint with blood tests or other diagnostic tools. “I work to re-establish balance to the electrical or energetic pathways that run through our organs, glands, and tissues. They’re the keys to optimum health,” he explains. What Galitzer’s saying isn’t news. It’s the basis for centuries-old Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy. German Physician Reinhard Voll developed some of the tools Galitzer uses in the 1960’s. It’s their application that’s cutting-edge, and Galitzer uses electrical tests like bio-impedance and Electrodermal Screening to determine his patients’ energetic weakness, and prescribe the right mix of supplements, diet and exercise, and in-office treatments like stress-reducing intra-venous vitamin C or bio-feedback devices.


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