Interview with Dr. Galitzer

SS: Hello Michael…thank you again my friend for your time… I love speaking with you, you are always so eloquent. I’d like to know what is new in the anti- aging world that is contrary to present beliefs and can you please demystify anti-aging medicine for my readers.

MG: Nice to talk with you Suzanne,

Let’s start with anti-aging medicine which views optimal health when a patient is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in flow, and when the organs and glands are functioning at maximum capacity. Disease is a condition precipitated by a toxin-filled, nutritionally deficient and stress-dominated system which will ultimately result in changes in enzyme production and hormone production.

Traditional medicine would tend to suppress these symptoms allowing them to smolder quietly and then erupt with increased intensity later on. In anti-aging medicine we want to remove the underlying cause and allow the embers of an illness to never get an opportunity to smolder; we want patients to have lots of energy.

Our body is like an orchestra and our organs and glands are the instruments in that orchestra; some are in tune and some are out of tune. Some organs age faster than others; for instance some people have hearts and brains that are working fine, yet they fall and break a bone and that is when they find that their bones are aging faster than their heart and brain. For other people they may have heart and bones that are in good order, but they can’t think or remember. So in this orchestra, if we (anti-aging medicine) can get everything in tune, and get the music “right,” meaning all organs and systems in good working order, people will feel better.

SS: very nicely explained. What about toxicity?

MG: When I was an emergency doctor we were concerned about life-threatening toxins; an overdose of sleeping pills, carbon monoxide inhalation, an oil spill, or chemical spill. Anti-aging medicine sees toxins as massive exposures. There are toxins in the air, water, and food and then there are pesticides and heavy metals and they all add up and stack up on one another. Consequently the organs get overloaded and then symptoms start; the result is people feeling lousy.

SS: Yes, but they go to their orthodox doctors who are perplexed. Dealing with toxicity and longer life that requires fine tuning and restoration was never taught in medical school.

MG: True. Medical school was more or less about diseases and pathology, we learned all about the different diseases but we did not learn about a model for health.

SS: But the planet has changed… people have conditions related to toxicity and stress that never existed before and these conditions need to be dealt with in their own special way.

MG: Yes, but instead of trying to look at how bad doctors are, I think they ought to be complimented because we became doctors because we concluded that the purpose of our lives was to give. Doctors want to help their patients. They need to inspire their patients.

SS: I’m not saying they don’t want to help, but science is always evolving, and to stop learning once they leave medical school certainly has to leave most of them in the wind. X-rays, CAT scans, biopsies, MRI’s and chemical blood tests have their place but they also have their limitations. In the case of CAT scans and x-ray, we need to give grave thought as the radiation exposure from both is damaging. In fact, a report came out last year that CAT scans give off 1000 times more radiation than they thought!

MG: Yes that’s true and its generally felt if all these tests check out, then the patient is healthy. Traditional medicine does utilize electrical technology; EKG for the heart, EEG for electrical brain, and EMG for electrical nerve muscle, but that’s where it stops. My kind of medicine looks at the electrical liver, kidneys, pancreas, adrenals, and thyroid. In an electrocardiogram, the electrical impulse of the heart precedes the physical heartbeat. My kind of medicine says electrical changes in the organs precedes physical symptoms. So when the electrical liver becomes abnormal, people have symptoms such as migraine or insomnia, and this is something you can’t see on a blood test or an ultrasound of the liver.

SS: In the years I’ve been coming to you, there is a calm about any diagnosis you have given me, you are not an alarmist, even when you find something electrically that is an indicator of a problem to come.

MG: As a doctor the worst thing I can do is give a patient a diagnosis of a terrible disease or condition without giving them hope. Otherwise they will panic which leads to helplessness, depression and ultimately their immune system is weakened. The wise doctor must never destroy the hope of the patient. Patients have resources and we must help them conquer their fears and release those resources.

SS: what do most people complain about?

MG: People come to me, and essentially say “I don’t feel well.” They complain about fatigue, lack of energy, allergies, inability to sleep, and aching muscles and joints; they just don’t feel right.

SS: Or do they really mean they don’t feel like they used to feel?

MG: That too… They know there is a better way to feel and they want it back. Sleeping is a big problem for so many patients. They either can’t fall asleep or when they do fall asleep they wake up in the middle of the night between 1 and 3. I find when the sleep goes, ultimately people’s health really begins to diminish. In Chinese medicine the sleep issue is looked at very easily. There are 12 major meridians in Chinese medicine. Each of those meridians is two hours of the clock. The liver meridian has 1 to 3 a.m. as liver time, which is when the body’s energy is concentrated in the liver. So if people wake up, or can’t fall asleep between 1 and 3 then you know their liver energy is abnormal. Did you know you should never go to sleep earlier than four hours after drinking alcohol and 3 hours after eating food?

SS: Why?

MG: Because the body needs to rest. The GI system needs to relax. So many people eat a huge meal late in the day, 8 or 9 p.m., and it stresses the liver which is the key organ in getting the toxins out. The first four letters in liver are “live.”

SS: Most people don’t even know where the liver is located. And because we can’t see it, telling someone their liver is stressed doesn’t ring a bell until it’s liver cancer or some other terrible disease of the liver. I know a person with a diseased liver and his quality of life is poor. He is in and out of the hospital and each time I see him he looks older and sicker and worn out.

MG: Right, traditional medicine only looks at the liver with ultrasound or they test for elevated liver enzymes to show that the liver is already diseased. Anti-aging medicine says, most livers are sluggish, and part of what we do, is to increase toxin elimination from the liver, thus reducing tissue acidity.

SS: Makes sense. Detoxify it; clean it out before there is a problem. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. How do you detox the liver?

MG: Herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, and there are supplements that help the liver such as N-acetyl-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C. Basically if you looked at nothing else in the body but went after cleaning up the liver you could be very, very successful in helping people feel better.

SS: Let’s discuss hormones and hormone levels. I am sure that most people who come to you are declining in hormones. It’s happening so early to so many people now. You mainly concentrate on the major hormones initially right?

MG: Actually, I work with all hormones because hormonal decline in the body is so important, but especially the adrenal gland which is one of the major hormonal glands, and basically our survival organ. It helps us deal with stress and allows us to respond adequately to stress.

SS: Most people are stressed. That’s all you ever hear is how stressed out everyone is.

MG: When the adrenals are weak we no longer view stress as a challenge, we view it as a threat which is why at that point we overreact to the little stressors, then we can’t differentiate between big stress and little stress and weak adrenals set the stage for a move towards illness and disease.

SS: Ah yes, reminds me of the fight I had with Alan over the almonds! Hahaha… Afterwards, I wondered how almonds could have been so important. Little stressors! But aren’t weak adrenals triggered by an inability to sleep? Isn’t it a cascade….toxins, weakened liver, inability to sleep, and then acute stress triggers high cortisol output so that person can’t sleep at all? Isn’t it all interconnected?

MG: Yes, and everyone thinks the doctor can fix poor lifestyle and diet habits and unmanaged stress. The patient is responsible for his or her health. We’ve become too acidic as a culture; too much coffee, sugar, cigarettes, and alcohol, not enough exercise. The word emotion has motion within it; if we can’t move our bodies we can’t feel well. We must also know our purpose in life, and have fun.

Everyone talks about heart attacks being related to high cholesterol. But when you look at it from a deeper level, the two main causes of heart attacks are not being happy and not liking our jobs. When I was in E.R. I frequently worked Sunday night to the Monday morning shift. Monday morning is when more heart attacks happen than any other time of the day. Why? I believe it’s because many people really don’t want to come to work. People aren’t very happy, we don’t live with passion, we stop being grateful and we get into this belief system that looks at aging being a downward spiral. We need to change our beliefs and it’s great that you are out there pushing people to change their beliefs.

SS: Making 65 cool?

MG: 65 is cool. In 1954 Roger Banister was the first person to run a 4 minute mile. Nobody believed it was possible. Then in the next 5 years 30 or 40 other people ran a four minute mile. Once the belief system starts changing on a large level, all sorts of things start happening. So with patients I try to change their belief systems and help them get rid of fear.

SS: What do you mean by fear?

MG: I think fear is what is holding everybody back. We are afraid of poverty, criticism, ill health, we fear old age, we fear death and most importantly we fear cancer.

SS: I have to say, I am over that one thank goodness. Writing KNOCKOUT last year did that for me. I am not afraid of cancer. I can’t tell you how liberating that is. Doesn’t mean I won’t or can’t get it but if I did, I would know what to do. The more I interviewed patients who were managing cancer, and living long lives with serious cancer without the use of drugs, I realized it was a mindset, that cancer was manageable and that if, as Dr. Gonzalez says, “You give it what it wants it will leave you alone and what it wants is a detoxed body and good nutrition.” That made so much sense to me.

MG: That is actually a triumph. Everyday patients come to me and every ache, pain, digestive situation that they have convinces them they have cancer. So the cancer fear is huge. Our bodies can be in either two modes; survival mode or growth mode. If you are totally in survival mode there’s no way you can get yourself into a growth mode or anti-aging mode. So eliminating fears, and fear of diseases like cancer and ill health is crucial for all people to move into growth mode.

SS: How important is diet?

MG: Diet is huge. So many of my patients are attracted to your books which has made them very conscious about what they put into their system. The body is a Ferrari and you have to give it high octane fuel. The major problem with many people is their diet is too acidic.

SS: Hahaha, I give the same analogy of a Maserati….same visual. Doesn’t cancer love acid?

MG: Yes it does, so I try to teach people about what foods are acid; proteins are acidic. If you are going to eat red meat, be sure it’s grass-fed, hormone-free. But know that red meat is very acidic and if you have cancer it’s a good thing to avoid. Also, the contaminants in red meat are dangerous. If it’s not grass fed, then you are dealing with antibiotics, hormones and the poor quality feed given to the cows to fatten them up.

SS: I don’t think most people realize the dangers of corn-fed beef. Not only does it go against the natural evolution of cows who are supposed to eat grass which is why they get infections like E.coli, but that the corn is most likely genetically modified which makes it a completely value-less food and to my thinking a dangerous food because its already Round-Up ready.

MG: It’s also the lack of alkaline based foods that most people don’t consume. Vegetables are your key alkalinizing food and people should be juicing wheat grass and green juices. The only people who do take alkaline food seriously are the ones who come to me who have read your books.

SS: Thank you. I feel proud of that.

MG: You should. So acidity; tissue acidity equals toxicity. If you have a perfectly functioning liver you could probably deal with a lot of the acids we experience every day but most people are not paying attention to their liver.

SS: What should they do?’

MG: Drink alkaline water, eat lots of vegetables, juice green vegetables, and juice wheat grass.

SS: What about powdered paleo greens? Are they effective?

MG: They help, but nothing is as good as the real thing. Exercise is also key. It is the greatest stress reducer, and increasing blood flow helps reduce acidity and reduce stress.The other thing that’s key is vitamin C. If you are traveling by air there are massive exposures to toxins. I advise my patients to take 1000 mg vitamin C for every hour they are in the airplane because of re-circulated air and also there will be people on the plane with colds and flu. Even the fumes you inhale when waiting on the tarmac are toxic to the body.

SS: It’s amazing any of us are even walking around. What kind of vitamin C do you recommend?

MG: I like Lypo-Spheric 1000 mg. It absorbs so well that if you had a 5 hr. flight, you could probably use 2 or 3 packets. When you arrive, get out in the sun to reset your circadian rhythm. Then take several mg of melatonin when you go to bed. Vitamin C is also a great detoxifier and neutralizer. At my office we give Intravenous vitamin C which you have had so many times, Suzanne. All the anti-aging doctors are giving intravenous treatments and there are anti -aging doctors in every city you might want to visit. Anti-aging medicine is becoming bigger and bigger, and its being driven by patients and people who read your wonderful books that want to get more out of life.

SS: Thanks. And that’s the bottom line isn’t it; wanting more out of life! Tell me, how devastating is the heavy metal assault?

MG: Heavy metals are a huge problem… It starts with mercury fillings in one’s teeth. There is a huge correlation to illness with mercury amalgam fillings that leak over time. As a toxin, mercury is the number one toxin to the body. We’ve seen this in breast and prostate cancers because mercury behaves as an estrogen. It is called a xenoestrogen and it’s a serious player. It’s a huge problem in China. China burns coal and mercury is a by-product of that, and the trade winds blow it over, resulting in elevated mercury levels in the air over the west coast. There are very high levels of mercury in people who live in New York.

SS: How do you test for mercury?

MG: We do a urine test after giving a provoking agent that pulls mercury out of the tissues and into the bloodstream. When we get the urine test results back, we see that many people have high levels of heavy metals – mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic. We would then give chelation, either intravenous or oral, to reduce the body’s load of heavy metals. We really can’t avoid the toxin, but we certainly can take steps to constantly clean our bodies. We can take vitamin C, we can get colonics, we can do infrared sauna, we can skin brush, we can exercise more, we can juice, we can get alkaline, we can strengthen our livers, we can strengthen our hormonal system, thus greatly reducing the toxic load in our bodies.

SS: Makes sense… After all, we just don’t clean our houses once and then forget about it. To keep a house tidy you have to clean it regularly. This is what you and I have been doing for my body for years; with all the people I meet and exposure to toxins from hotel food, hotel cleaning agents, and the stress of “going on,” I rarely get sick and feel energized most all the time, so I know it’s working for me.

MG: I often say, if you can get people better in LA then you can get people better everywhere.

SS: Oh, I’d say New York is running neck and neck! Hahaha!

MG: You could be right. Huge cities with environmental problems, traffic, noise pollution and pollution in general, mold in those old buildings and you end up with people who are in traffic an hour or two every day, working 12 hours a day, not sleeping, eating on the run and not exercising and these are all the perfect ingredients for not feeling well. In my practice I like to see people every four weeks and in between they take my homeopathic drops and supplements to keep them going.

SS: What about exercise?

MG: Exercise increases blood flow. The more blood that flows, the more oxygen gets delivered to the cells, the more energy gets created. Our body’s cells create energy from burning oxygen and glucose together.

SS: So you are talking about the center of each cell, the mitochondria?

MG: Yes, the mitochondria are the little energy center powerhouses; the energy factory within the cell. Energy equals health. Anti-aging is all about increasing energy production in the body. When you do this people feel better

The other big thing is supplementation.

SS: Yes, every single doctor and professional in this book stresses the importance of supplementation. Tell me what supplement you feel gets overlooked.

MG: Well, we need to have thin blood. People with cancer, people with heart disease, and people with strokes all have thick blood. People with chronic infections have thick blood. Blood should flow like wine not like ketchup. When blood is thick the oxygen can’t get to the cells.

SS: What is the antidote?

MG: Fish oil helps. Garlic, Gingko, Vitamin E, and Nattokinase all thin the blood.

SS: Yes, I know. When I was in the hospital for that terrible cancer misdiagnosis, they wanted to give me Coumadin to thin my blood because my body was in an allergic shock. I kept saying no Coumadin, give me Nattokinase. They laughed at me. I didn’t care. I didn’t take Coumadin. I took Nattokinase.

MG: If you are not going to exercise and you are over 50, then you have to take these supplements to thin your blood. If you can thin your blood, more oxygen gets to the cells and more energy gets created.

SS: Well, you must be doing right by me. I was having a manicure yesterday and she accidently cut me and she said, “Your blood is so thin, I can’t stop this from bleeding.”

MG: Well, good. That will ensure that you will live another 50 or 60 years. When I ask patients how long they’d like to live they always say 90 but “not if I’m in a walker.” Here’s another instance where global beliefs about aging have to change. There is a Japanese doctor, Shigeaki Hinohara, who is 97 and still practicing. He’s published 150 books since his 75th birthday, including one called “LIVING LONG, LIVING WELL”! Amazing guy.

He says that one thing that all people who live long share in common, none are overweight!
He drinks coffee, a glass of milk and orange juice for breakfast with a tablespoon of olive oil in it. He has milk and a few cookies for lunch, and veggies and fish for dinner.I think when we see more of these kinds of people out there, then you are inspired to live longer. You have to change the belief system and give examples of people who are actually changing their beliefs and being very productive when they are older.

SS: Speaking of Japan, the media is keeping very quiet about radiation contamination from the Tsunami. But the ocean is all one big connected body of water and what slips in at one point is bound to travel. Have we been affected by radiation contamination and if so what do you in anti-aging medicine to address it?

MG: We are all affected; we were quite affected in LA. Radiation is one of these slow types of situations that add up and you don’t really feel anything specific but now it’s a toxin within each person’s body. In my practice I try to neutralize the radiation by all the things we’ve talked about. I don’t believe in scaring people but I think this exposure needs to be dealt with by dealing with the liver / lymph/kidney drainage systems. The backup is the hormonal system namely the thyroid and adrenals. These glands stimulate the other organs to work better. At some point though these glands go on overload, and this is why the entire hormonal system is so important. If we keep our hormonal systems strong with healthyn adrenal glands, and give bio-identical thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, along with DHEA, growth hormone, and melatonin, we can optimize the liver, lymph and kidney drainage systems that get rid of the toxins.

But with bad diets the drainage systems get tired and the person moves from “I don’t feel well” to starting to get illnesses.

SS: What about minerals. No fun living longer if you don’t have strong bones to hold you up and I know minerals are crucial to bone making.

MG: You are so right. Everyone is worried about osteoporosis. Women and men have bone density tests and the doctors report osteopenia or worse, osteoporosis, so they give them calcium and vitamin D.

SS: Isn’t that good advice?

MG: Yes, it is, except…Let’s go back to your original question of what is new in anti-aging medicine that is contrary to orthodox beliefs. I think the way that Orthodox medicine has been looking at osteopenia and osteoporosis and bone density has completely missed a very important element.


MG: Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency disease; it’s a disease of too much acidity. The body’s way of neutralizing acidity is to take calcium and magnesium off the bone because calcium and magnesium are alkalinizing minerals. The acidity takes the calcium and magnesium from the bone and then the person becomes osteopenic or osteoporotic. Minerals get depleted. In my practice I frequently give mineral IV’s to patients.

SS: This is new and awesome information. I’ve always heard it’s about calcium. But Alan discovered he was horribly gluten intolerant a couple of years ago and also was diagnosed with bone loss. You had him take a series of mineral IV’s last year with you. Between the minerals which he still takes faithfully, hormone replacement and supplementation, his bone density is now excellent! IV treatments are easy to make fun of. I remember a couple of years ago you allowed 20/20, the TV program to film me getting my vitamin C IV’s from you and when it aired they mocked the protocol, saying “Why is it necessary to go to such extremes?”

MG: Large doses of vitamin C stimulate the immune system, help the liver work better and strengthen our adrenals. High doses of vitamins can accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of organs in the body. This is huge because most people come to us with reduced organ function, reduced adrenal function, and sluggish livers. So if we can help stimulate these organs to work better, we’ve helped them immensely.

SS: Can you test for mineral depletion?

MG: Yes, you can do a blood test for mineral depletion. But here’s the vicious cycle; most people do not have great digestive systems, so therefore they don’t absorb minerals well. The people who are treated with acid blockers for their heartburn and GERD will not have enough hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, which will result in decreased absorption of minerals. So, most of the people out there on Nexium, Prilosec, Aciphex and other acid blockers are ultimately going to have mineral depletion problems.

SS: What a vicious cycle. Gut problems create mineral problems which create bone problems, the cascade again, the downward cycle we call aging, but it’s really not about aging; it’s about a lack of understanding that we are living longer, and that the body parts have to be addressed and listened to and corrected just like a mechanic listens to the sounds of a car engine.


Also for those of us who have had radiation, it is never mentioned beforehand that it will hinder your body’s ability to manufacture hydrochloric acid for life. It’s a biggie.

MG: What is also important and maybe even more important are digestive enzymes, pancreatic enzymes. The pancreas is an important organ which makes enzymes to digest protein, starch, and fat. Most people’s pancreases are not working well. The pancreas is the organ most affected by pesticides.

SS: Is this the connection to the huge rise in pancreatic cancer?

MG: We believe this is a major reason. The pancreas is put through too much stress from too much sugar and pesticides.

SS: And everyone consumes too much sugar, and everyone is affected by pesticides. And we wonder why we are sick. Pancreatic cancer is the most dreaded of the cancers. Few seem to survive other than my experience in interviewing patients of Dr. Gonzalez who has had such great success with pancreatic cancer patients and no small fact, his protocol is massive amounts of pancreatic enzymes.

MG: Again in the Chinese medicine clock, there are 12 different organs, systems or meridians. They have 2 hours of the 24 hour clock. The pancreas time is between 9 and 11 in the morning. That means the pancreas is working most effectively at that time and 12 hours later these organs work least effectively. That’s why most people digest their breakfasts well because they have lots of naturally occurring pancreatic enzymes. Americans eat very small breakfasts, and huge dinners. Late in the evening is when your pancreas is least able to produce digestive enzymes. So consequently these people can’t digest their food, and go to bed with a full stomach and wake up feeling lousy.
To keep a healthy pancreas, don’t eat late, supplement with digestive enzymes, and as far as the pesticides, we can treat and detoxify them with homeopathy and herbs. One of the first things I do with my patients is look at the energetics of their pancreas when I’m testing in my office. I find pesticides frequently and we deal with them homeopathically, we also use an instrument called ONDAMED, WHICH STIMULATES THE HEALING PROCESS WITHIN THE BODY.

SS: Yes, I have an ONDAMED machine and I often tell my readers to encourage their doctors to purchase one. It is an amazing piece of equipment. I used it every day recently to heal faster from my stem cell breast surgery.

MG: The earth has a magnetic field and the earth has certain frequencies within it that allow us to live. By giving these kinds of frequencies to the body, it gets the body into a balanced state. (ONDAMED USES PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES TO STIMULATE AND BALANCE ENERGY FLOW WITHIN THE BODY) So that is why I use the ONDAMED in my office. I also offer light therapies along with other therapies as well. It’s also important to eat organically, especially in today’s world, and then eat lightly late in the day and take pancreatic enzymes.

SS: I’m now getting it (finally) that drinking alcohol, eating late, and then flopping into bed (and we’ve all done it), is really, really bad for us.

MG: Correct. One cup of coffee isn’t going to hurt you, maybe 3 or 4 will; diet sodas will and too much alcohol will harm you. These things weaken the digestive system and ultimately the pancreas is affected and then you are in trouble. If you take these pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach before you go to sleep you are basically eating up the debris, and allowing the liver to more easily detoxify the blood while we are sleeping. Taking pancreatic enzymes are a huge advantage.

If everyone were to start taking pancreatic enzymes there would be less of an instance of pancreatic cancer.

SS: And that is Dr. Gonzalez’s program. He will love that you have said this. It’s very validating.

MG: Absolutely. I think he’s completely right on. For all the cancer patients that come to see me they all have a weak pancreas, and digestive pancreatic enzymes are critical to take.

SS: And then making a serious attempt to be alkaline rather than acid.

MG: The acidic environment is the foundation for all illness to develop. The more acidic you are and the more toxic you are, the weaker your liver is, and the weaker your hormonal system is, and ultimately the cells wind up not being able to utilize energy and then they turn into a cell that can only ferment sugar. Ultimately that becomes a cancer cell. The first step to a healthy body is to be less acidic.

SS: So what you are saying is the patient needs to be the contractor and understand that nobody’s going to care more about them than themselves. Does it help you when a patient comes in informed?

MG: The art of being a doctor is meeting the patient where they are, and taking them up slowly. Thanks to your books patients come in understanding a lot and what’s very amazing is that patients come in having read your books and they know they are going to get better. They have “a knowing.” It’s not even a question with them. Again, once you expect certain things are going to happen, they happen.

SS: Well, that’s how I feel. I utilize alternative medicine, and rarely ever, ever, have to access traditional medicine. I think you’ve given me a prescription once in the last decade.

You are very hopeful about the future relative to our health aren’t you?

MG: Yes, I am. It’s not about the bad guys, the toxins out there. It’s not about trying to get rid of every little bad guy and trying to eat every food that’s perfectly made. You can’t do it. but there’s so much in our arsenal to strengthen the body, to help the body get rid of toxins, to augment our body’s hormone production with natural hormones, to strengthen these glands and organs so that we can overcome just about anything. So I’m extremely hopeful. As we move into the future and start using stem cells with their ability to help regenerate cells, organs, and tissues, it becomes very exciting… So the future is looking great.

SS: I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Thanks, Michael.

MG: And to you, Suzanne: As Bob Dylan said, “May You Stay Forever Young.”

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