Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IOT)

Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IOT) has been utilized and researched since the 1920’s, with most of the work being done in Germany. IOT is a very basic and far-reaching therapy. It affects every aspect of physiology and metabolism, and can be used in any condition. IOT is an inhaled therapy using medical grade oxygen that has been treated to produce either a negative or positive charge on the oxygen. In general, negative ions have a relaxing effect; positive ions have a stimulating effect. However, both ions have a profound regulatory effect on the nervous, immune, gastrointestinal, intercellular matrix, and inflammatory systems of the body. They also act to change the body’s “terrain”, which refers primarily to the physical characteristics of the fluids of the body. These characteristics help determine what types of illnesses and infections a person is susceptible to, and changing these physical parameters helps to eliminate these susceptibilities and strengthen one’s overall health.
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