Biophoton Light Therapy

Biophoton therapy is the application of light to particular areas of the skin for healing purposes. The light, or photons, that are emitted by these units are absorbed by the skin’s photoreceptors and then travel through the body’s nervous system to the brain, where they help regulate what is referred to as our human bio-energy. By stimulating certain areas of the body with specific quantities of light, biophoton therapy can help reduce pain as well as aid in various healing processes throughout the body. The theory behind biophoton therapy is based on the work of Dr. Franz Morell and has been expanded by the work of Doctors L.C. Vincent and F.A. Popp, who theorized that light can affect the electromagnetic oscillation, or waves of the body and regulate enzyme activity. Energy is necessary for any life form to exist. When this energy becomes disrupted, a number of bodily functions can be affected. Through the use of biophoton therapy, this energy can be rebalanced and strengthened, thus alleviating and improving numerous health conditions. Since body and mind are connected through this energy, we are not only able to improve physical conditions, but this therapy can also aid in achieving a greater state of mental and emotional health. Initially, biophoton therapy was used primarily for cosmetic, skincare, and scalp conditions. It was only much later that their effectiveness was discovered for treating chronic pain and a variety of immunological disorders

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