Fortifying Your Mind

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” ~ Hippocrates

The first essential key for achieving and maintaining outstanding health involves taking conscious control over your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. We call this step cleansing and fortifying the mind. The above statement by Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, is instructive in that regard. However, it may seem confusing to you. If you are sick or lacking energy you most likely believe that, of course, you are ready to do away with whatever is causing your health problems. But are you really?

Before you answer that question, take a moment to honestly assess whether or not you truly are willing to do all that it takes to get well.

We raise this point because many patients initially, yet usually unconsciously, derive benefit from their health issues. For them, being sick becomes the major theme of their “story”, the tale that they tell themselves and others. You likely know or have met at least one chronically, yet not seriously ill person who makes their health issue the centerpiece of every conversation you have with them. Usually, this occurs in the form of complaints, yet underneath the complaint there is often a cry for attention, sympathy, or love that their illness or pain provides for them in ways that they did not receive when they were healthier. By the same token, often a health complaint provides a convenient and self-justifiable excuse to avoid taking action in other areas of one’s life, including following one’s passion, which, in my experience, is a hallmark of many people who are in good health.

Excuses are often part and parcel of how people handle their health issues. For example, though we all know the importance of regular exercise, how often have you avoided exercising by telling yourself you were too tired or don’t have the time for it? Maybe the reason why so many people experience so much stress in their lives, have trouble sleeping, and are in poor health is because of their preoccupation with the idea that time is running out.

But if you connect with the purpose of your life and allow it to guide you, you soon discover that there is enough time to do everything you truly want and need to do. That’s because the simple yet powerful act of committing to your life purpose automatically starts to enable you to prioritize making time for what is most important to you. As you do so, there is less stress, you can sleep more easily, your mood improves, and you start to notice you are experiencing better health and more energy. When we continue to focus on purpose, passion, and all that we have to be grateful for, we feel whole and happy, and life flows smoothly.  

So what gets in the way of that?

In most cases, the answer lies in our thoughts, which in turn influence our beliefs, emotions, and ultimately the health of our bodies. So, to return to what Hippocrates taught, are you ready to do away with the reasons for your lack of vitality and optimal health? Our hope is that you are able to answer this question with a resounding, unqualified Yes!

For more information, please read my book, “Outstanding Health, The 6 Essential Keys To Maximize Your Health And Well Being."

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