No Word In The English Language Elicits As Much Fear As CANCER.

If our parents had cancer, then we think it is genetic, and are thus susceptible. Yet my parents smoked cigarettes, ate red meat daily, and did not exercise. If we have a pain in the body that does not go away in a few days, we worry about cancer. If it takes longer than usual to get over a cold or flu, we worry about cancer. There is a global consciousness of fear about cancer that is interfering with our intention to live healthfully to 100 and beyond.

The best way to get rid of this fear is for all of us to recognize that more and more people can beat cancer. We can even live a healthy life with cancer for 20 years or longer. And most important, there are steps that we can all take to prevent cancer from occurring.

Let’s first address cancer prevention. We have to prevent tissue acidity, minimize toxin accumulation within the body, optimize hormone levels, find our purpose or dream, practice gratitude and mindfulness, and accept and be happy with who we are. Then there are lifestyle issues that contribute to tissue acidity, including excess alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, sugar, cigarettes, lack of exercise, and eating too much animal protein. Vitamin D levels in the blood should be optimal at 50-70 ng/ml. The three major hormones are insulin, thyroid, and adrenal hormones. We want to have low levels of insulin and optimal levels of thyroid (TSH of 2mlU/L or less and Free T3 of 3 pg/ml) and adrenal hormones (AM Cortisol of 12 mcg/dL and DHEA Sulfate of 200 mcg/dL). Happiness occurs when we have both meaningful work and meaningful relationships with others and with nature.

The two key toxins to avoid are heavy metals and pesticides. Mercury fillings need to be removed. Mercury is not only a toxin, but in the presence of saliva, the fillings create electrical currents that get amplified by computers and cell phones, overriding the electrical currents in the brain. Selenium should be taken daily until all fillings are removed. After removal, one can do gentle chelation with chlorella, cilantro, and glutathione. It is best to avoid tuna and swordfish, for they are deep feeding and collect mercury.

Pesticides are a huge issue, as we tend to eat out a lot, and are also exposed to GMO foods. We must shop for organic foods. We need to stimulate the 3 key drainage organs of the body—liver, kidneys, and lymph systems—with homeopathy, herbs, juicing vegetables, acupuncture, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields), before doing detox therapies such as colonics, chelation, and infra-red saunas. And drinking energized water (see WILTW June 22, 2017) may be as important as eating organic.

Imagine a patient with colon cancer who has just been diagnosed. He/she is frightened, having just been told to have immediate surgery, which will be followed by chemotherapy. The general focus of the medical profession is to immediately cut out the cancer cells, and then poison any remnants of cancer with chemo. The cancer has been growing for years, so holding off on surgery for a month in order to strengthen the body is much more prudent. Your health will improve and the outcome will shift in your favor.

Since cancer can only exist in an acidic body with high levels of toxins and sub-optimal levels of the adrenal hormones (cortisol and DHEA), the next step is to reduce tissue acidity and toxicity, get intravenous vitamin C, to strengthen the sluggish liver and the adrenals, and improve nutrition by eating less animal protein and avoiding refined sugar. Then do the surgery. So beating cancer is like winning the tug of war—the energy of the cancer vs. the energy of the body.

Traditional medicine says that all that is needed to win the tug of war is to kill the cancer. But the therapies involved—surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy—weaken the body, and therefore, weaken its ability to heal itself.

A better approach is to do both. The cancer patient needs to see both an oncologist and an expert in integrative medicine, who can focus on getting the patient healthier through nutrition, vitamins, enzymes, herbs, homeopathy, IVs, detoxification therapies such as colonics and heavy metal chelation. By working with both types of doctors, the results will be superior, and you could win this tug of war.

After the cancer patient has had surgery, he/she needs to have chemotherapy. Again, the goal here is to keep the body as strong as possible before, during and after. Chemotherapy kills cells, cancer cells and healthy cells, and this cellular debris must be eliminated. The liver is the main organ that is affected. Liver drainage with herbs, homeopathy, juicing vegetables, lemon in your water is essential. Since chemotherapy is frequently given every 3-4 weeks, it is important to get intravenous vitamin C on the weeks between chemotherapy. Additionally, proteolytic enzymes (pancreatic enzymes with extra chymotrypsin, such as Wobenzym) taken on an empty stomach, one hour before lunch and dinner, and at sleep, act as Pac-Men, eating up the cellular debris.

From time to time, all of us have cancer cells in our bodies, yet our bodies are able to clear them, and prevent tumor formation. It is the cancer stem cell, while accounting for only 2% of the tumor mass, that fuels the growth, and cause tumors to metastasize. Cancer stem cells are not killed by chemotherapy.

And what is the origin of the cancer stem cell? That is the million dollar question. Is it a renegade cancer cell, or is it the result of our body’s naturally-occurring stem cell (normally designed to promote tissue regeneration) that attaches itself to a cancer cell. The immune system does not attack the cancer stem cell because it is views the stem cell as “one of its own”, and, therefore, a non-foreign part of the body. Can this process be prevented?

The answers most likely involve the following:

  • Nutrients that adversely affect cancer stem cells are lycopene (in tomatoes or as a supplement), green tea, curcumin, and blueberries.
  • The Pineal gland in the brain is known to control rhythms in the body—day/night sleep cycles, menstrual rhythms, and also sexual development. My research has shown that weakness in the pineal gland, causes a bone marrow stem cell to attach to a cancer cell, resulting in a cancer stem cell. If that is the case, then therapies that stimulate the pineal gland such as melatonin before sleep, light therapy (see WILTW June 22, 2017), homeopathics, sound and music therapy, and specific meditations will all be useful.

So think of the pineal gland as the air traffic controller of the body, signaling for the planes (stem cells) to land at the right airport (tissues that are in need of repair and regeneration). When this signaling process goes awry (pineal gland weakness), the plane (stem cell) lands at the wrong airport (cancer cell). Could this be the missing link?



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