Staying Young and Healthy As You Age

Imagine a day in the distant future. See yourself at 90 or even 100 years old. What state of health is your future self in?

It is a sad fact of life in our society today that most people, when they visualize such a future, see themselves in a state of worsening health at that age, fully expecting that their vitality and physical and mental health will decline, and that they will be frailer and riddled with more aches and pains. And they explain this by saying that such a reality is simply a natural consequence of getting older. Some people, in fact, so dread the thought of such a consequence that they actually prefer dying before they reach such an age in order to be spared from the suffering that they imagine inevitably accompanies reaching it. Many patients, when asked how long they’d like to live, typically reply “90, but not if I’m in a walker.”

Are you such a person? Do you believe that getting older means an ongoing experience of diminishing health? If so, chances are that you do so because your current state of health is no longer what it once was when you were younger.

Now imagine this potential future:

You’ve been an active participant in your own health for many years, partnering with a doctor who is well-versed in the field of anti-aging and energy medicine. Under your physician’s guidance, you continue to make all of the necessary lifestyle and mindset changes to stay young and healthy. You’ve eliminated most sources of external toxins, and you’re using every means necessary to keep your internal biological environment clean and functioning at optimal levels.

You sit down in the doctor’s office and look at the results of your last set of tests. Your muscle mass is strong and indicative of your daily exercise regimen. Your body fat is in the ideal range, and all of your other indicators (blood levels, sugar metabolism, and so on) are extremely healthy. Your adrenal health—indicative of your stress level—shows your stress is way down. Your hormone levels are those of a thriving 25-year-old. Your sex drive, mental clarity, respiratory efficiency, energy production, immunity and anabolic activity (the phase of your body’s metabolism that is concerned with repair, rebuilding, and regeneration) are all superb. All of your neurotransmitters show that you are healthy, happy, and younger than you were last year. You walk out of the doctor’s office feeling great. You call your spouse or partner to say you’ll meet up at the gym later. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my 100th birthday!” you remark.

Impossible, you say?   Not at all!

As a society, our beliefs about aging have to change. That’s where doctors who specialize in anti-aging medicine come in. A lot of people ask what’s more important, the patient’s belief in the doctor or the doctor’s belief in the patient. We know it’s the doctor’s belief in the patient. That’s because when the doctor believes in the patient, the patient gets it immediately. And once the patient gets it, all things are possible.

In closing, we’d like you to remember this: It’s not hard to get out of balance. Yet it’s also not hard to get back into balance. You can learn how best to do so by reading our book, Outstanding Health: The 6 Essential Keys To Maximize Your Energy and Well Being.

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