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Erase Anxiety: Dial-in Faith

ERASE ANXIETY: DIAL-IN FAITH BY MICHAEL GALITZER, MD, AND LARRY TRIVIERI JR Anxiety is all too common is our stress-filled, fast-paced society today. While prolonged cases of anxiety require the help of a physician or other skilled health practitioner, temporary...

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Sauna Therapy: Sweat Your Way To Better Health

Sauna therapy is a great form of detoxification. Detoxification refers to removing toxins from their binding sites in the tissues. From there, they go into the lymph and blood, which ultimately transports them into the liver and the kidneys. If the...

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Stress And The Healing Power of Nature

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in people’s health is being in a state of emotional distress. According to researchers like Bruce Lipton, chronic stress is a primary cause of as much as 95 percent of all disease today. This fact is...

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