Energy Medicine

“Energy Medicine addresses the cellular or energetic level, long before deeper damage takes place, and is truly preventive.”

Orthodox medicine frequently views health as being the absence of disease. Energy Medicine feels that disease is a condition precipitated by a toxin filled, nutritionally deficient, and stress dominated system, which will ultimately result in changes in enzyme production and hormone production. This will in turn gradually produce a biochemical change, producing signs and symptoms. Suppressing symptoms and not removing their underlying cause will allow the embers of an illness to smolder quietly, only to erupt with increased intensity at a later date.

Orthodox medicine is based upon the treatment of symptoms, whereas Energy Medicine identifies the source of the symptoms and balances their energetic causes. Orthodox medicine analyzes illness from a physical and chemical level. “Physical tests” include physical examination, x-rays, mammograms, CAT scans, MRI’s, and biopsies. Chemical evaluations involve the analysis of blood tests. If these tests are normal, then the patient is told that he is free of disease and is healthy. Orthodox medicine does very little analyzing on the electrical or energetic level, except for the EKG, EEG, and EMG. It does not analyze the electrical liver, kidney, pancreas, adrenal, etc. If one is angry, his ultrasound (physical) of the liver will be unaffected, and his liver function studies (chemical) will also be unaffected. But his electrical (energetic) liver is very much affected, resulting in symptoms such as insomnia and migraines. Just as the electrical QRS complex of an EKG precedes the physical heartbeat, the electrical (or energetic) changes in the organs always precede chemical and physical abnormalities.

Modern physics has determined that matter and energy are interrelated, and that matter is a denser form of energy. Vital to the understanding of futuristic medical therapies is the view of the physical body as an energy system, composed of wave forms or oscillations at various frequencies. Consequently, imbalance and disease of the physical body is a result of disturbances in the energy field of a particular organ or system. Illness develops in a definite sequence. Initially, there is dysfunction at an energetic or cellular level, an event detectable by Energy Medicine. This is followed by abnormalities on a biochemical level, detectable by blood testing. Ultimately, alterations in the tissues and organs will appear, either as x-ray abnormalities or through cytological testing (biopsies). Energy Medicine addresses the cellular or energetic level, long before deeper damage takes place, and is truly preventive.

Conventional medicine continues to develop at a rapid rate, becoming ever more technical and specialized. Depending on what type of headache you have, you may visit an internist who may, in turn, refer you to a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, or even a psychiatrist. In this traditional form of medicine, the different symptoms are viewed as different body parts being ill; but, what if all these symptoms are interrelated? What if your headache, skin rash, constipation, stomach ulcer, insomnia, and muscle spasms are all symptoms of the same underlying problem? Most symptoms are the body’s way of trying to get rid of toxins and to regain homeostasis and balance. Therefore, most diseases should be treated not by suppressing your body’s defense systems, but by cooperating with these systems. Energy Medicine seeks to identify the root cause of one’s symptoms, so if A causes B, instead of treating B (as does Orthodox medicine), Energy Medicine will treat A. The ideal therapy for any condition is something that is effective and tolerated by your body. Most drugs are effective, but are not well tolerated, causing side effects. Energy Medicine addresses the cellular or energetic level, long before deeper damage takes place, and is truly preventive. The patient’s progress can be measured by energy medicine tests, laboratory tests, clinical observation by the practitioner, and the patient’s own feeling of well-being.

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